Refrigerant Reclamation Service

It is illegal to discharge anything to atmosphere that may cause environmental damage. Consequently, the recovery of refrigerant is now an essential part of everyday life in the refrigeration and air conditioning industry. Effective from 16th July 2005 used refrigerant is classified as hazardous waste and must be handled according to relevant legislation.

Harp International has the largest stand alone refrigerant reclamation plant in the UK. It operates under a waste management licence and has sufficient capacity to meet the total needs of the market. Analytical quality control ensures that all reprocessed material meets virgin quality specifications. Harp International is also actively involved in progressing its own novel separation technology for a variety of halocarbon and other mixtures.

Harp International offers a well managed system of collection, transportation, treatment and disposal with appropriate registration and licences. Waste hydrocarbon refrigerant should also be recovered and a separate system operates for this range of products.


Returning recovered refrigerant to Harp International is the simplest way of ensuring you meet your duty of care requirements and that the waste is properly treated and suitable for reuse. Our reclaim service is available to all customers throughout the UK. Harp International will provide dedicated recovery cylinders, proper instructions and documentation.

In addition, financial credits are available to customers through an incentive scheme for returned refrigerants. For larger quantities of recovered refrigerants, and by prior arrangement only, a reclaim and return service may be offered - contact Harp International for further information. To avoid any destruction or other charges, customers should not mix different types of refrigerant and should not keep recovery cylinders for longer than one month.