Analytical & Technical Services

Relevant and timely analysis of refrigerants and refrigeration oils provides valuable diagnostic information on the condition and capabilities of refrigeration systems. Analysis is an important tool in general maintenance but it is especially relevant before and after retrofits including oil flushes. It is also a very economical form of insurance before recovery and after recycling.

The tests and analytical methods listed below are among those that our fully equipped Analytical Laboratory can provide as part of Harp International's Complete Service. The Analytical Laboratory is an integral part of Harp International's Quality System which is accredited to BS EN ISO 9001:2008.

Refrigerant Testing:

  • Identity and Purity of refrigerants are obtained using Packed Column and Capillary Gas Chromatography.
  • Moisture Levels of refrigerants are measured by Coulometric Karl Fischer Analysis.
  • Acidity/Chloride Levels are obtained qualitatively using silver nitrate testing for chloride, and quantitatively by Acid/Base Titrimetry.
  • High Boiling Residues and Particulates as contamination are determined by visual examination and evaporative methods.
  • Non-condensable Gases in the vapour phase of refrigerants are analysed using Packed Column Gas-Solid Chromatography.

Refrigeration Oil Testing:

  • Acidity Levels of oils are measured by Acid/Base titrimetry in aqueous/non-aqueous media.
  • Moisture Levels by Coulometric Karl Fischer Analysis.
  • Synthetic (POE) / Mineral Oil Ratios of oil samples are calculated from Refractive Index measurements, calibrated against known standards.
  • Wear Metal Contents are measured by Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy.

Pre-evacuated and sealed cylinders for refrigerant samples and durable purpose made bottles for refrigeration oil samples are available from Harp International. Because of the need to avoid contamination of samples, recommended sampling procedures and instructions accompany both containers.

Harp International's staff are always available to discuss any customer queries. We have set up a dedicated Technical Services Freephone on 0800 134 404. Customers may also e-mail any analytical queries direct to our laboratory using the following link: