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Harp 407A

Refrigeration users will continue to investigate ways to reduce their carbon footprint and the choice of refrigerant can have a major effect on environmental performance. Harp 407A is an excellent R22 replacement and R404A alternative. With its low Global Warming Potential (GWP) and high energy efficiency, Harp 407A is a perfect replacement for the ozone depleting product R22 currently used in existing refrigeration equipment, such as supermarket applications. Although the existing system oil needs to be changed to a polyol ester lubricant, retrofitting is straightforward using well established and tested procedures. Harp 407A works with existing pipe work and expansion valves. Its lower compressor discharge temperature also helps prolong compressor life.

Harp 407A can also offer significant benefits as an alternative to R404A in existing or new supermarket systems. Its low GWP - combined with improved energy efficiency, the latest refrigeration equipment and minimisation of leaks - can contribute towards lowering the environmental impact in applications of this type.



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